Donatien Ndagijima

Donatien Ndagijima

Donatien Ndagijima is the National Director of Harvest Initiatives. He was born in a poor rural family, the last of eleven children, and the only one to get a school education. He was deeply religious and committed in his early years without having had a real encounter with Jesus, which came through a Congolese pastor in 2006.

He was an activist in civil society, particularly in the area of women’s rights, but chose to become a staff member of Harvest Initiatives on the back of being part of one of Harvest Initiative’s summer outreach campaigns when he saw a lady dramatically healed after being sick for three years. He led the big Harvest Initiatives missionary centre in Karubabi before becoming National Director in 2015.

One of HI’s most remarkable activities is the annual summer campaign. Over the last 15 years, they have sent out thousands of young people across the country in teams to witness in towns and villages. These have led approximately 170,000 people to Jesus, and have seen many modern-day ‘acts of the Apostles’, including blind people seeing, deaf hearing, and more.

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