Etienne Munezero

Etienne Munezero

Munezero (which means ‘joy’) Etienne was raised in a solid family. He was loved and nurtured by both parents, and came to faith in Christ through consistent exposure to the gospel in 1979. He talks of some messier times during his adolescence, and remains grateful that whilst he wandered away, God was always waiting for him to come back. After finishing secondary school and before starting university, Munezero decided to commit himself body and soul to serving God.

His university years were ones of spiritual equipping, sharpening and growth, as he shared life with a dynamic and passionate student body. He matured and flourished, and prepared himself to serve as a teacher for a number of years before joining Scripture Union at the age of 31.

Within a couple of years, he was promoted to National Director of SU, and has had three 5-year terms so far during which he has overseen spectacular growth, with regional offices established, and huge influence and impact across the nation.

Bosco with Boudesie in front of other villagers

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