Francine Ngendakuriyo

Francine Ngendakuriyo

Francine had a happy childhood as the second of five children. She can remember that despite the happiness of her home, she was plagued by fear – fear of the dark, and fear of being alone. She recalls that this led to health problems and she was diagnosed with a heart condition. At this time, the family did not attend church but things were to change as Francine entered her teens.

During the holidays, Francine’s maternal aunt would visit the family. This aunt was much loved and the children enjoyed being in her company. Francine noticed that the aunt’s behaviour had changed. She had become calm and patient, she prayed a lot. The aunt’s impact began to influence the whole family. Francine was aware of a gradual change in herself. She recalls a day in April 1989 that she became aware that she and her sister had become followers of Jesus.

The immediate reaction from the rest of the family was not positive but one by one they accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Needless to say, the family home changed as it was filled with the presence of God. Francine’s health was to improve. She was healed of her heart condition and from asthma-like allergies. 

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