Goretti Wege

Goretti Wege

Goretti had a basic Christian background as a child. Her parents expected good behaviour and were good examples to the young Goretti. She went along to church and sometimes prayed before bed. But it wasn’t until her teens that she gained an understanding of a personal relationship with God.

In 1976, at the age of fourteen, Goretti and three school friends made a commitment to meet together to pray with and for each other. Goretti remembers becoming a Christian when Jesus’ love was revealed to her in one of those special times. With the mentoring of her peers, she came to know God in a personal way.

The influence of these young girls was very important, but Goretti feels that she lacked the solid foundation she would have received from a chaplain or through a Bible group. After this time she recalls a few years of falling away. However, God cared for her through this time and in 1983 she met her husband and a new chapter was to begin.

Together the couple embarked upon what Goretti refers to as ‘another spiritual journey’. Through the coaching of the Anglican Church she was nourished through other people’s testimonies, Bible study groups, the church choir and the Mothers’ Union. Goretti has given twenty six years service initially as Diocesan Secretary in the Anglican Church and latterly managing the ‘King’s Conference Centre’.

Today Goretti praises God that her faith keeps growing and she hopes and prays that it will continue to do so, “until the day I will go to be with my Lord”. 

Video: Goretti shares her story of thriving through crisis.

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