Oscar Nduwarugira

Oscar Nduwarugira

Oscar is deeply convinced that these young people represent the future of our churches and nations.

Oscar grew up encouraged to go along to church. He was taught by his mother to pray at home before food and bedtime and he happily took part in Sunday School.

As a teenager, football became his overriding passion. Looking back, Oscar realises that he didn’t have a personal faith by that time. Nevertheless, he continued to attend the Christian Union at school. One day in 1986, the speaker at one of the meetings was used to show Oscar just how far he was from God. Oscar made a full commitment and dedicated his life to following Christ, becoming fully involved both in the Christian Union and growing as a youth leader at church.

At university, Oscar joined the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) and travelled to Nairobi to enrol in theology studies. Whilst in Kenya, he continued to minister to young people in different churches.

In 2001, he returned to Burundi and started to work in a well-paid job relating to building peace. Despite the obvious benefits, this job did not satisfy him. He was aware that God had called him to work with young people and that he had a passion to see young lives transformed. He knew deep down that he needed to leave his current position, and so he joined UGBB (IFES Burundi), at great financial sacrifice to him and his family. Here he knew he could carry out his vision to “transform and empower young people for God’s glory.” He is deeply convinced that these young people represent the future of our churches and nations. 

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