Rachel Muhorakeye

Rachel Muhorakeye

Rachel Muhorakeye is the National Director of Trans World Radio Burundi (TWR). She was raised in an Anglican family, but in her own words ‘didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus’. It was in 1992 as she watched Mel Gibson’s film on Jesus that she was struck to the core. When the apostle Peter denied Christ three times, and yet was then fully restored for service, she resonated with such unconditional love and forgiveness. As Jesus commissioned Peter, so she felt commissioned to serve God for the rest of her life.

Partnership with GLO

Rachel writes: “One of many things I will be ever thankful to GLO for is a small project called “GO BACK TO SCHOOL’’. GLO provides for each staff partner every year in September some money to buy for children kits (Book notes, books, school fees etc). This reminded me when I was young, we were many children and our father could not provide for all of us school fees and school material. I remember going to boarding school in tears. Up to date, children of pastors do not have enough to go to school. They are often sent out from classes because of lack of school fees. I am ever grateful to GLO for this valuable action.

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