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Resurrection Life!
Recorded at Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St.Paul in March 2023. Passage: John 11:18-44
Spiritual Heart Surgery
A Selfish Heart – 1 Samuel 2:11-36 This recent sermon was in my local church. It’s the second in a series on Spiritual Heart Surgery, my given title was- ‘A Selfish Heart’. It’s not a passage I would have chosen to speak from, which makes it all the fun to dig into an unfamiliar text and find some real gold. I hope you enjoy it!
Life Built on the Rock!
Here is a sermon I gave recently from Matthew 7:24-29. You can’t fake good foundations long-term – whether you’ve built your life on metaphorical rock or sand will sooner or later come to light. The foundation’s fragility or solidity is a reality whatever the outward appearance… a sandcastle is easy to build, but washes away with the next incoming tide. As Dallas Willard so astutely pointed out, the cost of discipleship is high, but the cost of non-discipleship is even higher…
A Stunning Invitation
I’ve been in the USA preaching recently, and felt led to this passage, which is not what a visiting speaker would usually choose if he wanted to get invited back! What a passage! Just 9 verses, which include one of the worst and one of the best five verses in the whole Bible (which has 31,102 in total). How much do you want of God? Because nobody has less of God than they want…
Who Do You Say I Am?
In this talk for a local church this coming Sunday, I was asked to look at this passage and the question Jesus asks of His disciples, ‘Who do you say I am?’ If you agree with what Peter answered then the implications are huge. Do take a listen.
Down With The Kids!
I invite you to listen to this sermon, it’ll challenge you to the core! We had a powerful time…
Love Bites
Recorded at St Mark’s Battersea Rise on 18th April 2021. Simon looks at the parable of the Good Samaritan and the counter-cultural and costly love we are called to show people.
A Word of Encouragement
A word of Encouragement for you and your troops! From James 1.
Radical Sacrifice
From Highfields Church, Cardiff. Simon speaks from Romans 11:33-12:2. 14th May 2017.