Physical Fundraising!

Physical Fundraising!

We’re always encouraged by the effort and devotion some of our supporters put into fundraising for GLO, and recently we have been blessed by Peter and Ben, who have each undertaken a 24-hour physical challenge!


We’ve all had those moments of thinking ‘I’d love to give that challenge a go’. Ben took it a step further and organised spur-of-the-moment cycling of the South Downs Way – most people try to cycle the 100 miles of the South Downs Way over 2 days. Ben decided to attempt to join a small group of people who have ‘done the double’ – that is cycle the 100 miles from Winchester to Eastbourne off-road, turn around and cycle back, all in under 24 hours! It’s a huge mental and physical challenge, to put it into context more people have been to the International Space Station than have completed this challenge!

After a few weeks of training, Ben set off at 10 am on a Saturday from King Alfred’s statue in Winchester (pictured), and made good time over the first 40 miles. However, it was a lot warmer and windier than forecast, and he suffered with dehydration. Ben picks up the action:

“Even after putting over 8 litres away in the first 50 miles I really started to feel bad with the pace tailing off, and by 60 miles the chance of completing the challenge in the 24h cut off was badly fading. As sunset came, and the temperature dropped, I perked up and began a bit of a rally, could I still do it? Sadly that was short-lived as I then got lost up in the dark hills behind Brighton & Lewes, after taking a wrong turn that cost me dearly in terms of time, but I eventually got back on the right trail, but by now the time had really got out of hand.”

Ben finally made it to Beachy head at 2.30 am – what a day! Feeling tired and demoralised, he was forced to call it a day after 16 hrs, 170km, and nearly 4k of elevation gain, having at least made it over halfway. Ben hopes to try and complete the challenge again in the future. But this is not a tale of failure by any means – Ben’s hard work has already raised over £1,100 for the work of GLO – thank you Ben! You can still contribute via his JustGiving page here.


For the past forty years, Peter has undertaken the almighty annual challenge of walking 50-miles in under 24 hours! As he has got older, he has reduced it to 40 miles, but we are delighted that this year he has decided to include Great Lakes Outreach as one of his causes. Peter’s walk was a success, but not without its challenges:

“When I arrived at Auchengray (25 miles in) I was very tired and doubting my ability to complete the 40 miles. Auchengray is small but it has a church! There was a light on and I could see a lady inside. I tapped on the window and the lady (Linda) came to the door. I asked if I could come in and sit down as I was very tired. Her husband Campbell gave me a cup of tea, which is what I was hoping for! Kindness and a cup of tea, that’s what I needed. They prayed for me and even sponsored me! Campbell even appeared an hour later down the road to check I was all right. It occurred to me that every year for a few years now my strength has failed at some point and someone has been there with kindness and a hot drink. Thank you Lord.”

You can support Peter’s walk through his personal donation form.

We’re incredibly grateful to these two gentlemen who have undertaken an uphill struggle to change lives in Burundi, where day-to-day living is a long and arduous uphill struggle for so many, but the money generously given by their friends and family will go a long way to transforming lives and bringing hope for the future.

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