Revenge to Reconciliation

Revenge to Reconciliation

Didacienne is a woman serving in the Burundian military. She is 26 years old and hails from Cibitoke, northern Burundi. Although the relationship with her father was rooted in love, it became conflicted after he abandoned her mother and began a relationship with a new woman, which Didancienne found extremely painful, leaving traumatic scars. She joined the Burundian military with the specific objective of gaining training and access to weapons so she could kill her father’s new wife; desperately, but mistakenly, hoping this would solve the problems it had caused. 

This heartbreaking story was on track for another tragic turn when the work of CAPAMI brought hope. They came to her barracks to run a four-day training programme that focused on themes of integrity, empathy, and professionalism. They sought to address the deep hurts of past generations with a view to raising high-calibre leaders. 

After a session focusing on catharsis, Didacienne stood up in front of the group. She shared her story with the others, telling how the process of encouraging self-awareness as part of the training gave her a new perspective on her all-consuming desire for revenge. She declared that she no longer planned violence towards her father’s wife. 

Feeling refreshed, she returned home to Cibitoke, looking for her father and his wife. She later joined a CAPAMI conference, pictured above, right, especially to give her testimony to over a hundred military personnel. She told them how the cathartic ministry of CAPAMI had transformed a once poisoned relationship for good, bringing understanding and healing in her relationship with her father. 

Previously stern and reserved, it was beautiful to see her face break into a wide smile as she shared the deep peace she now felt at having laid aside her pain. 

Military camps such as Didacienne’s are usually challenging to gain access to due to security issues, but the support and prayers of GLO, along with their tireless and transformational work, has equipped Dr Michel and his team with an excellent reputation at a national level. This has brought more access to military and police personnel, leading to the transformation of many lives.

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