Sing! Dance! Sew!

Sing! Dance! Sew!

This group of happy ladies dressed in their brightest colors danced and sang as a crowd looked on, clapping and dancing along. The song they sang was called Birashoboka (which means ‘it is possible’). The occasion was their graduation. Each woman in the group had completed their training in sewing skills with Together for Development. Check out the video reel below from our Great Lakes Outreach Instagram account to hear their song!

If no video appears, watch the original here.

Each woman is vulnerable in different ways. Many are mothers, some have been forced by poverty or exploitation to work in prostitution, some are HIV positive. In many ways they were hopeless. But now their celebration is deep and heartfelt. They are now equipped with skills that will allow them to support themselves. Together for Development are working towards creating a co-operative business that will employ some of the women they train. Birashoboka indeed!

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