Heritage TV broadcasts a wide variety of shows which aim to teach, stir and encourage anybody watching with the good news of the gospel! They host panel shows, sermons, focuses on everyday life and more! ‘Prosperity preaching’ is a big issue in the world’s poorest nation, and Heritage TV provides a platform to counteract this. We are encouraged to share some stories of people who have written in to thank them for their work!


Noella is a young lady who attends a local church in Bujumbura. After suffering from stomach problems for some time, she happened to watch one of Heritage TV’s preaching programmes. At the end of his preaching, the Pastor took the time to pray for the sick. Noella who was touched by the message believed that God can heal her. She prayed with the pastor and got healed during that program! She wrote in to share her story: 

“Glory to God! I was following a preaching on Heritage TV in which the Servant of God was teaching about the woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years and was healed since she had faith and touched the edge of Jesus’s cloak. At that time I was sick and wasn’t feeling fine. I had spent days feeling bad in my stomach and vomiting. In the prayer time at the end of the preaching, I prayed with the preacher and I felt God’s power working because I was feeling tremors in my stomach. After that, I noticed that God had healed me. May God bless you!”


Paul is a husband and and father of four who lives in Bujumbura. He used to live a life that was mostly centered on his own friends, sometimes at the expense of his family. He would end up spending his time and money at restaurants with them, rather than sharing time with the family. After watching the program “Ingo n’imiryango” (families and homes), he felt convicted that his focus was in the wrong place and has since started spending more time with his wife and children. He also believes that this program will have helped many other people that were in his situation. Paul wrote in to tell HTV of his change in attitude: 

“I thank God for Heritage TV because some of its programs change the lives of many. Before watching the program “Ingo n’imiryango”, my life was organized in a certain way but the day I watched the program, I made the decision to change my priorities. For instance, after work, I used to prefer to spend time with my friends in restaurants and in the end, and I would get back home very late. The program made me realize that going home early to enjoy time with my family was very important and that when my children get regularly the occasion to discuss with me as their father, it adds something to their development. Because of that, I decided that after work, I would go home to play with my kids so that they may go to sleep after we have spent time together.”


It isn’t only people located in Burundi who benefit from HTV’s programmes. Nadia, is a Burundian Christian living in France, who changed the way she considered the tithes and offerings after watching a program whose title was about how family finances should also be at God’s service. Now she has a better appreciatation for the impact of giving to God, as she shares:

“I’m extremely thankful for the teachings that have shed more light on the way to give and the reason why we should give to God…To me it was revolutionary because before I thought the idea of tithes and offerings was a way for pastors and churches to also get something in return. However, it can even be seen in nature that the need to give back does keep a balance in nature. We must also give what we can because it serves as a seed that creates growth in every aspect of our lives. I also thank Heritage Television, and may God bless his servants.”

Broadcasting each day to thousands of people at a time, we may never know the full impact of the work of Heritage TV, but it is a huge encouragement to read about some of the lives changed through this impactful and strategic ministry!

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