Thunderbolts from Heaven!

Thunderbolts from Heaven!

My arm has recovered - the tumour has completely disappeared. There is no more pain!

My arm has recovered - the tumour has completely disappeared. There is no more pain!

Nearly every other weekend of the year, the UCCD team are out in remote parts of Burundi, collaborating with local churches to run Gospel outreach events. In 2023 alone, over 54,000 people attended these events, with 8,621 people making that special decision to become followers of Jesus! They often see people making recommitments of faith, as well as incredible acts of God’s power at work. 

Many of these villages are very remote, with people living in poverty – there is limited access to healthcare and education – many do not even have electricity, so they find themselves reliant on faith as there may be no other option.


“My Name is Deo, and I have to share what God has done for me! I had a tumour on my upper-left arm which was causing me great pain, so much that I could not sleep on that side. The doctors were unable to help. But I attended the outreach. When they prayed for healings, I touched my upper arm and discovered to my amazement that the tumour had disappeared!

For the first time in a while I was able to raise that arm. I couldn’t understand it. It was like I was dreaming. Now, my arm has recovered – the tumour has completely disappeared.  There is no more pain. I can sleep well. This is why I am telling others what God has done for me!”


Judith was losing hope following the death of her husband. She was miserable, her health was failing and she was no longer well enough to go out into the fields to cultivate her crops. Her granddaughter with whom she lived would leave her in the house all day, and would come back in the evening to feed Judith, who was feeling more and more useless.

When Judith heard about the local Gospel rally, she knew she had to go, even though her family tried very hard to dissuade her and prevent her from attending. They believed it would be disloyal to the Roman Catholic church, and that it wouldn’t help anyway. However, Judith was determined and managed to get herself to the rally. Listening to the preaching, she says that God touched her heart, and so she surrendered her life fully to Jesus. Not only was she healed spiritually, but God healed her emotionally and physically too.

Today she is well enough again to go out into the fields and work with her granddaughter. She rejoices in her total healing and is looking forward to getting baptised, and her children are now delighted for her!


Since separating from his first wife, Lucien had lost his way and was living a life of self-destruction.  After harvesting his crops, he would squander all the proceeds on drink, drugs and even prostitution, rather than supporting his family.  He lived a ‘miserable life in shame and total despair’ and reports that he almost died.

Then in February this year, he heard about UCCD’s evangelistic crusade taking place in Bugabira and decided just to go and watch.  He heard the call to follow Jesus, but decided to resist until he described feeling “a shock in his heart like a thunderbolt – I got down on my knees and accepted Jesus Christ into my life.” As a result, his life has been restored, hope has returned and even his desire for all his old vices has completely vanished. He says he has incomparable peace in Jesus now. “I praise the Lord for what He has done in my life.”


Felix and his wife both describe the last 15 years of their marriage as “hell”. They were violent towards each other during their regular fights and often ended up in their local hospital as a result. They knew they were infamous for the terrible state of their relationship, and were on the verge of divorce.  They knew they should probably stop drinking too, but were reluctant to give up beer.

Then recently, they heard about the rally that was taking place in their area, and decided to attend, where they heard the Gospel message.  Both responded and went forward to give their lives to Jesus and to receive prayer.  The change that they have experienced as a result is remarkable!

Felix writes, “There is change in my marriage. There is also peace in my family. I can see change in the behaviours of my wife and she tells me that there is change in my life, too. God is rekindling the flame of our love. Our salvation is obvious to anyone in our community.”

Their craving for beer has gone, and so they are no longer wasting money and are seeing financial benefits too.  Felix gives thanks to God for such incredible transformation.

Watch the impact report on 2023 from UCCD below – you’ll be amazed at the extent of their work!

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Sooo encouraging to read…. Answers to prayer… Further fuelling my continual prayers for these dear saved and healed ones to be successfully discipled! Build your church Lord in Burundi… Pour out your blessings on the work of GLO!