Transformed Before Your Eyes…

Transformed Before Your Eyes…

When Jackson first came to the One Cup a Day Programme, he was clearly suffering symptoms of malnutrition, which is heartbreakingly common in poor Burundian communities. Even those who grow past it into adulthood feel the lifelong effects, as growth and development is stunted, limiting opportunities and quality of life and reducing life expectancy.

GLO Partner Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Burundi is involved in long-term, strategic work alongside the poorest communities in Kabezi, a stunning lakeside location south of the main city of Bujumbura. But before long-term investment in schools, education, skills training, homes and infrastructure, many have immediate needs just to survive.

The One Cup a Day programme gathers hundreds of local children each day to give them fortified porridge, which provides the nutrition needed for their physical development and provides a space to play and have fun together, developing friendships and social skills.

In this video, you can see one example of the impact it has on each child’s life. Comparing the photos of Jackson from early on, to seeing him laughing and full of energy in his Grandmother’s arms speaks to the significance of this programme.

YWAM has produced this lovely video which we’re glad to share with you. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for more like this.


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