Turning Pages, Changing Lives

Turning Pages, Changing Lives

I thank God for this day when I was given my own bible.

I thank God for this day when I was given my own bible.

Many of us are flooded by a constant stream of information. For an internet-connected, English-speaking Christian, there are millions of hours of recordings, online blogs and books that they can access to resource their journey of faith. But for a Kirundi-speaking Burundian, who may not have money to pay for mobile data, their options are significantly more limited. So owning a Bible in your own language is a great privilege – one that many aspire to, but only some enjoy.

Lots of GLO Partners provide Bibles and resources to support Christians in Burundi. For some it is their primary focus and for others, it is part of a wider, holistic programme. Here are a few vignettes of the impact made in people’s lives.

In the first two months of 2024, Scripture Union Burundi were able to distribute 1000 subsidised Bibles across Western Burundi through their network of Christian Unions. You can see how highly they are valued in this photo of Thérence, a grateful recipient of a new Bible. “I thank God for this day when I was given my own bible. I will use it whenever I want to read it without needing to borrow one from others. I also thank those who support this work of spreading the great news of God! I also thank you for the training on how we will use it accordingly.”

RAJEDES work with young people struggling for work. They equip them with skills, empower them with microloans and teach them good practices. Sharing their faith is also a key part of their work, as they run a popular 6-month Bible course which over sixty people have taken so far, with 22 being baptised as a result of it. You can see the joy in their faces as they receive their completion certificates, and prized Bible at the end of it!

Igniting Communities for Jesus have distributed over 25,000 Bibles in the past few years. Their work with marginalised people focuses on whole-life transformation, with an understanding of scripture, academic education and practical training. To put scripture into practice, they also produce thousands of booklets in-house titled ‘Choose Life’. To keep costs low, they use their own photocopying machine!

To support our sustainable and transformative work in Burundi, you can make a donation here.

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Praying for God to provide ways to deal with the flooding disaster. Pray, especially that the Bible distribution and training programs will continue so the people can understand the love of Christ and the peace and joy that can come from knowing him in the midst of great infirmity