Words of Life in Demand!

Words of Life in Demand!

“Using the daily reading book became a pillar of my life, where I see the Word of God as an essential part of life, whether at school, work, or socialising.”

“Using the daily reading book became a pillar of my life, where I see the Word of God as an essential part of life, whether at school, work, or socialising.”

As a 40-year-old organisation, Scripture Union Burundi is held in very high esteem nationally. A foundation of their work is in providing daily Bible reading notes to the nation in Kirundi, the everyday language of Burundi. 

They produce thousands of books – each with a year of Bible-reading notes. This year’s edition has already been a sell-out success! Head of Scripture Union Munezero reported that the first print run of 4500 books quickly went, with demand higher than ever before.

It’s not a profit-making initiative – each copy is subsidised and priced at just a couple of pounds to try and make them accessible to as many people as possible. For those who cannot even afford this price, they also produce a list of daily readings, which they distribute for free.

‘We thank GLO for their support,’ reflects Merveille, Scripture Union Communications Officer, “We praise the Lord because the daily reading book has been in demand, especially from churches, so now we are printing more books. We want you to pray for us so that people will continue to read the Word of God using this book, and that the Holy Spirit will inspire them.”

The studies have been a faithful companion to many over the years. “We started reading it together as students and continued once we were married…and as the children were…with us. The daily readings have impacted our children’s development. We taught them how to use it, and they loved it.” Cécil and Ruben have been faithfully studying the daily Bible readings from Scripture Union Burundi for decades now, and it has become a cornerstone of family life. 

As a pastor and preacher, the example Ruben sets behind closed doors is as important as his public conduct. “When my two children got married, they asked me to preach during the church service. To be chosen by them to celebrate their marriage is a big testimony for me. I see it as a consequence of how my wife and I lived together. Maybe they saw that I practice what I preach.”

“Traditionally, Burundi is more an aural culture,” comments Simon Guillebaud. “Everyone listens to the radio, but people don’t tend to read as much. So there is a challenge to get people reading.” Providing these materials is a key strategy to develop and strengthen the Burundian church, as well as other GLO Partners who meet the demand for radio and television through broadcasting.

The Bible reading notes are just one part of their strategic and impactful ministry. Their long-term work has borne much fruit in the nation – many key leaders in different spheres of society, from the police to the army and education, became Christians through Scripture Union Burundi’s youth camps as youngsters.

This video was produced by Scripture Union Burundi. It also features other GLO partners such as Rachel Muhorakeye, leader of Trans World Radio and Safari Ruben, leader of Preaching Ministry in Burundi.


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