GLO Alternative Gifts

If you are looking for an alternative gift for yourself or a loved one, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or another special day, then we’d love to suggest these various options for you. So much money is spent on gifts for people (like ourselves) who already have everything they need, and that’s why we’re offering this opportunity to make a very substantial and sometimes even life-changing transformation in precious Burundian lives through creative gifts that will keep on ‘giving’ through the coming year and beyond.

After donating your Alternative Gift, we will send you an email with a printable certificate (designs above), explaining how that donation will bring so much benefit. You choose whether to forward this to your friend/family member or print it out, pop it in a greetings card and include a personal message or greeting. 
Please note that GLO Alternative Gifts count as a donation. Please read our Alternative Gift Policy if you would like more information on how funds are distributed.