Burundi Health Appeal

Among the top human services severely lacking in Burundi is affordable healthcare. Government healthcare facilities are limited in access and often the patient is unable to pay their bill and will not be discharged until the bill is paid.

In partnership with GLO, Partners Trust International Church (PTIC) has purchased land in Bugarama, Burundi to establish a Medical Center (shown in the accompanying photos). Bugarama is 37km (23mi) from the largest city, Bujumbura, and is strategically located at the crossroads of the main road to Rwanda.

The Bugarama Medical Center will be privately owned and will provide emergency, preventative, prenatal, maternity, outpatient and inpatient care to an area which is vastly underserved near the largest population center in the country. It will also provide jobs, a place for community, and health care education.

As shown in the accompanying photos, the infrastructure is complete. A road to the facility, drainage and retaining walls have been completed. The first phase of the building’s exterior has been completed with ample space to expand as demand dictates.

We need your help to complete the facility. Completion requires wiring, plumbing, finish work to the interior and equipment procurement. Funds are also needed for staffing and overhead as the Center ramps up until it can be self-sustaining (approximately 2-3 years). The cost for this completion phase is approximately $1.8M.

As this facility achieves self-sustaining operating capability (and the demand is certainly there), it is a model that can be scaled within the country to provide affordable healthcare in other regions.

As 2020 comes to a close, please prayerfully consider this project in your year-end giving plans.

There is so much that makes this a compelling opportunity. Should you have any questions please contact David Terry, Director of Development at davidterry@greatlakesoutreach.org

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How your support and partnership can bring life:

  • $100 can supply PPE for medical staff for a year.
  • $1000 can employ 
  • $10,000 will employ 4 nurses and 1 doctor for a year. 
  • $100,000 will cover all running costs for six months and ensure the local population of 50,000 people have access to free healthcare
  • $1m will allow us to complete all internal construction and provide the highest quality diagnosis and treatment facilities.

To get involved, you can make a donation online below, or email David Terry. David can provide more information and is available to speak at your event, board or church meeting.

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