The Experience of a Lifetime.


  Dates:  By arrangement

What's it like to rub shoulders with the poorest of the poor, meet some of the nation's most gifted movers and shakers, get stuck into helping build a home for a pygmy widow, stay in an orphanage, help a group of street children, visit the bush?

Well, now you can find out...  you and your family are invited to join GLO here in Burundi for an unforgettable week or more. It's a life changing opportunity. If you long for your family's horizons to be stretched beyond their screens and favourite shops, this could be a game-changer. 

Literally, you can bring out your kids and have your minds blown away together. I commit to giving you and your family the most memorable 'vacation' of your lives. We will introduce you to some of the most inspiring people on the planet. You'll hear unbelievable stories of courage, forgiveness and overcoming. We've done this already with a few families; few return the same. Flight prices to Burundi are very reasonable and you can stay in our Kings Conference Centre in the safest part of the city.

As well as getting your hands dirty helping out, we will make sure there is time to relax and enjoy some of the stunning local sights - hippos, a tropical pool, crocodiles and more.

Like to know more or sign up? Get in touch today!  

Simon Guillebaud