Your Seeds of Generosity…

Your Seeds of Generosity…

As part of our project to build a retirement home for destitute Pastors in Burundi, we recently ran an appeal to buy up much of the fertile land surrounding the buildings. This land will be cultivated to feed those living onsite, as with the ample surplus sold to cover costs for the future. Furthermore, the land will provide work opportunities for those living onsite and nearby.

Thanks to our generous supporters, more and more land around it is being bought up, ready for the site to be completed, so it will become a long-term and sustainable home for faithful servants for decades to come. 

This land was already owned, so this video shows the crops that have come up on the existing land that has been planted, with more land being bought up around the site ready for the house to go up!


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Wonderful news! Praise the Lord


Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Land SO productive!! Hallelujah & PTL !
SO thrilled! Thank you for sending. x

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