From Victim to Victor!

From Victim to Victor!

CAPAMI works alongside people who have suffered physical and emotional trauma, providing catharsis and healing programs. Twenty-three-year-old Alain currently volunteers for CAPAMI because he has personally benefitted from their work. He tells of how his life has been changed.

At an end of the year party, Alain had spent the night drinking and dancing with friends. This was before he became a Christian when his life was very different. When he left the party he was set upon by a group. A fight broke out and Alain was beaten to the point of unconsciousness. He was taken to a hospital in Ruyigi, south-eastern Burundi, where he spent two weeks in a coma. The reason for the beating? It was simply because Alain comes from a different ethnic group. Although years have passed since the tragic genocide of 1993, ethnic tensions can still arise.

Alain is now a Christian and, through CAPAMI, his emotional wounds have been healed along with his physical injuries. The volunteer work he does with the organisation today is helping both victims and perparators of violence and trauma work through their pain and find fresh hope.

Scared of repercussions, the gang that had attacked Alain fled to Tanzania. Alain managed to get word to them that they had his forgiveness. Alain chose the path of forgiveness and now lives in peace helping to pass on the lessons he has learnt to others who have suffered.

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