Dr Michel Nsabiyumva

Dr Michel Nsabiyumva

Experiencing catharsis is like a water balloon filled to its very limits and being pierced with a needle. Everything comes out and is destroyed.

Michel was the 7th of 16 children in his family. He himself now has 6 children, and is married to Dorothy. He was from a good family who raised him with strong values, but these were tested when he joined the army. He saw action, and thankfully got through uninjured whilst others he was with were killed.

It was in his 4th year at medical school that he heard a loud and clear voice as he was playing basketball which said in Kirundi, “You need to be saved.” He resisted that voice for 8 months, before finally surrendering to God’s call on his life. That was in 2002. Slowly but surely he has seen his family transformed and brought 40 of them to faith. He has built a hospital where he works and ministers, using his influence positively there. He founded CAPAMI, and now speaks at churches and in conferences.

CAPAMI is a Ministry which Cares for Patients. Their aim is to bring healing to the internal wounds of any given community or individual. They work primarily in the police and army, where many are in need of developing self-awareness through CAPAMI’s trained counsellors, providing tools for them to heal and grow. They have seen many lives beautifully transformed.

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