Jean Baptiste Nzohagera

Jean Baptiste Nzohagera

I am in the right place, serving God through the work of APRID.

Jean Baptiste’s family did not go to church. Despite that, he seems to have had an awareness of God’s calling and remembers at the age of six wanting to become a priest.

As a teenager, he started to attend a Pentecostal church and was baptised in August 1988. His family were happy for him and he was able to share his faith. One by one they became followers of Jesus.

University was a significant time in Jean Baptiste’s life. In his first year, he remembers sitting one particular exam in a class of eighty five students… and only he passed! Shortly after he had a dream where he met with Jesus. In the dream, Jesus told him that he had helped him succeed in his exams. He went on to ask Jean Baptiste to serve Him wholeheartedly.

After University, he became part of the Harvest Initiatives ministry team. It was there that he received his spiritual education and saw God’s power at work in amazing ways. He became President of the General Assembly for two terms.

In 2014, Jean Baptiste felt called to become the Coordinator of APRID. This would be a full time post. It was a challenging decision as at that time he was a school director, with many material benefits and a stable income, but he knew that it was the right decision to make. He states, “I am in the right place” serving God through the work of APRID. 

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