The Young Entrepreneur

The Young Entrepreneur

After completing Year 9 at High School, Innocent found himself looking for a job. Further education simply wasn’t an option because of a lack of funds. Thankfully, our partner RAJEDES was able to support Innocent as he explored ways of becoming financially independent.

RAJEDES is focusing on creating opportunities for young people, and through their youth group, Innocent was able to plan for his future. He started to save a little money with their savings club and eventually arranged a microloan of 100,000 Burundian francs, which is about £40. The money allowed him to launch himself into the food trade. His enthusiasm and hard work meant he could repay the loan quickly and take out a larger loan of 500,000FrBu/£200.

Innocent used this money to open his grocery store, which soon prospered. He was now able to offer work to two young people also facing unemployment. As well as running his successful shop, Innocent has hired land where he cultivates potatoes and raises cows and pigs.

He enthusiastically encourages other young people to join his group. By committing to saving, Innocent has accessed the credit needed to develop a thriving and sustainable business.

RAJEDES is focused on creating opportunities for the young people of Burundi, many of whom struggle to find employment.

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